Sandhya J. Prashad, MD

Sandhya J. Prashad, MD

“Ketamine therapy is helping the best of me shine while quieting the thoughts and anxiety that can so often be self-defeating. It has, quite simply, been life-changing.”—Jack, patient

Major depression, bipolar disorder and PTSD can greatly impact one’s life. Waiting weeks for a medication to work, or finding that it doesn’t work at all, can be a frustrating process. Dr. Prashad felt dissatisfied with the relatively ineffective available treatments with burdensome side effects for patients with these disorders. She became interested in IV ketamine because of the robust, rapid effects and lack of side effects between treatments, and founded Houston Ketamine Therapeutics to offer this cutting-edge treatment. With an 83 percent success rate—and depression lifted sometimes as quickly as one hour—no other treatment for severe depression offers such impressive results.

Dr. Prashad is a board-certified psychiatrist, who completed both medical school and residency at Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Prashad’s goal is to truly understand the needs of her patients, and to address the multiple contributing factors in order to reach the highest level of success. Her patients describe her as compassionate, insightful and approachable, and 100 percent dedicated to doing everything in her power to help them achieve their goals.

Sandhya J. Prashad, MD

Houston Ketamine Therapeutics
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