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Approaching its second decade of legal service, The Voss Law Firm has expanded rapidly into a thriving national practice. Managing Partner and National Trial Counsel, Scott G. Hunziker, will attest that while its landscape has changed, the firm’s principles remain the same. “We start trial preparation from day one, working hand in hand with commercial and residential property owners to best articulate and illustrate their story to a jury. We have experts involved from the outset, we push for the first trial setting possible, and we put these matters on a bullet train to the courthouse. It’s as simple as that.”

The combination of a comprehensive team approach with consistently aggressive representation has led to the firm’s success from coast to coast. “Business owners and individuals alike are demanding to have a voice in the legal system and to know that their personal problems are not lost in the world of insurance, where profits are systematically prioritized over policyholders.” Hunziker states, “We level the playing field against the insurance companies and the corporate mindset. Jurors respond to our clients and their story because they know they can face the same staggering odds in the future.”

At the day’s end, The Voss Law Firm reputation is spreading, as is their message to those commercial and residential property owners victimized by big insurance. “The tables have been turning for a while in pockets of the country where storms and tragedies have struck. But a new mentality is taking hold, and policyholders are understanding that they can have a voice in the system with the help of sound legal representation.” According to Hunziker, “This perspective is not limited by geography or state boundaries.” He proudly adds, “Based on our dedication, clientele and results, the same can be said for our firm.”

Scott G. Hunziker
The Voss Law Firm, PC
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The Woodlands, TX 77380
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