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Jose Orihuela | Personal Injury

OrihuelaCommunication is the secret to Jose Luis Orihuela’s successful career as an attorney specializing in personal injury law. “Always be accessible to the client,” he says. “The client doesn’t hire your secretary—they hire you.” Making sure that the client is able to reach him is the foundation of his law practice. “Whenever a client calls me, it’s usually with bad news. I find that by making myself available, it eases their stress and reassures them that the wheels are in motion.”

Not surprisingly, Orihuela, a Houston native, established his firm, Orihuela & Associates, out of a desire to assist others in need. “I became an attorney to help people. I primarily focus on people in the Latino community who are unaware of their rights. I am known to take the odd job every once in a while in order to help someone who’s in a tough spot,” says Orihuela, who’s fluent in both English and Spanish.

Although Orihuela & Associates is a boutique firm, with a small, caring staff, the lawyers don’t shy from routinely taking on multimillion-dollar cases and large companies in the courtroom. “My job is to zealously represent my client. From day one, I prepare as if each of my cases will be going to trial. It lets the other side know that we are willing to go the distance, and that we will not be settling for pennies on the dollar. ”

Orihuela works closely with victims and their families of car wrecks, truck wrecks, workplace accidents, refinery accidents, premise defects and other catastrophic injuries. He prides himself on not only being supportive and a good listener, but on fighting for the rights of his every client. Orihuela is known for resolving cases as quickly and efficiently as possible, and never pushing anything—no matter how small it may seem to others—to the side.

There’s no shortage of clients who will attest to these facts: “He treated me like a person—not just another file.” “Jose is tremendous. He gave us 100 percent from day one. He was there in a time of need. He’s compassionate and kind; my wife and I would recommend him in a heart beat.” “He helped me every step of the way—helped with doctors, always answered my phone calls and helped resolve my case in a fair manner.” “He has provided a level of service that goes above and beyond most other law firms.”

After receiving his bachelor’s in economics from Trinity University in San Antonio, Orihuela was awarded a full scholarship to Northern Illinois College of Law. Today, his thriving practice continues to grow at a rapid pace. This is a direct result of Orihuela taking so much pride in being thorough and paying attention to every detail so his clients don’t have to. “Knowing I’m doing the job right is my favorite part of being an attorney. For me, it’s about making sure no stone is left unturned. At the end of the day, that is what will get you the best results.”

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