James R. “Jim” Butler

James R. “Jim” Butler | DWI Defense

Butler-JamesJim Butler is one of the few lawyers in Houston whose practice is 100 percent DWI defense. Butler is an experienced trial lawyer who litigates both breath and blood test DWI cases.

For attorneys, blood test cases are especially challenging, requiring a level of expertise that takes years to develop. “The way you learn to defend these cases is by actually going to trial and learning what works and what doesn’t,” says Butler. “You have to know the evidence you’re looking for and also know how to present it to the jury in a way that makes sense.”

Aside from the challenge of taking on difficult cases, one of Butler’s favorite aspects about his work is helping his clients. “These people are good, hardworking people—many of them had never been in trouble before they were arrested for DWI,” he says. “When they come into my office, they’re scared. They’re afraid of losing everything they have worked so hard to achieve.”

Butler believes that although DWI laws are necessary and should be enforced, innocent people sometimes get charged with DWI. “In order to convict someone of DWI, the State has to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt,” Butler explains. “That’s the highest burden of proof we have in our legal system, and it’s the burden that I hold the government to each and every day.”

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