James R. “Jim” Butler

James R. “Jim” Butler | DWI Defense

“I was found not guilty!”

“My life completely changed in October when I was charged with a DWI. I had never been in trouble with the law, so you could imagine how terrified I was. After my first court date, I knew I needed to hire a lawyer that could help me with my case because my BAC [Blood Alcohol Content] number was so high! I only met with a few lawyers, and when I had my first consultation with Mr. Butler, I could feel his passion and determination for me and my case. I immediately hired him and started the court process. After months and months of court resets, I did my best to patiently wait for us to go to trial by jury, and Mr. Butler never faulted or gave up on me or my case.

“He reassured me that we were not going to give in to any pleas, and we were going to keep pushing through to take my case to trial because the state would not dismiss my case with my BAC being over a .15. Finally, it came to my jury trial and after the two-day process and waiting for the verdict, I was found not guilty! I can only express how extremely grateful I am for Mr. Butler and Christin for everything they have done for me to help me get my life back. I truly want to thank the both of you for continuously fighting for me for so long, and I could not be any happier with the outcome and gaining my life back!

“If you are looking for the best, then you have found it with Jim and Christin!” —Submitted by Leina R. , client of the Butler Law Firm

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