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Q & A for the Minister

“I am not a member of a church? What should I consider when selecting a minister?”
Eunice E., Seabrook

There are many things a Bride should consider beginning with the kind of Minister you would like to have officiate the ceremony.  Do you prefer a male or female; an older or younger Minister?  And of course, it is important to consider personalities.

“How do you successfully blend different cultures and religions during a marriage ceremony?”
Vicki D., Sugar Land

Many couples have specific ideas about blending their different religions and cultures.  Decide which traditions are important to each of you.  Then, create a ceremony that blends the cultures and religions seamlessly together for a wedding ceremony that honors both cultures and religions.

For example, some ceremonies include a Minister and a Rabbi performing together.  In others, the Minister acts on behalf of both cultures and religions.

This can be done successfully when the Minister is in tune with the couple’s wishes and needs, both emotionally and spiritually.

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